Background Music

Posted: Monday, 2011-05-09 20:02 | Tags: Music, Programming, PPL

Background Music

As I'm still mostly focusing on my job currently rather than coding for these spare time projects, I still cannot announce any remarkable progress on those. However I've come to finally find some cool music that is suited for programming/working (I've searched for that for like ever). Here is a list for you:

Some (little) distraction, cool sound

  • Beats Antique - (Mostly) text/voice-less, draws some (little) attention to the listener, a slight oriental touch, some very cool songs
  • Daft Punk in general
  • The tron legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk - Electronic, nearly distractionless
  • Dub FX - Contains text/voice but still suited for background, very nice beat/sound (try Love Someone or Society Gates)
  • RMB - Mostly a little heavy and towards rave for working, although e.g. Unreality is perfect for that task
  • The Animatrix soundtrack
  • The Starcraft II Soundtrack
  • - Chiptunes radio stream, I love the sound but can be pretty distracting after some time
  • last-fm tag chiptunes - See kohina above
  • - Electronic music podcast
  • Muse - The cool songs are somewhat distracting, but I think not too much
  • last-fm tag the presets
  • last-fm artist boards of canada nice not-too-distracting electronic music

Chilly/Soft ambient music, zero distraction

Varying degree of distraction (from song to song)

  • Maxstack (Singularity Soundtrack) - Cool electronic background music
  • Pink floyd - Degree of distraction actually can vary within a song very much, you have to find the right songs. Echoes and Shine on you crazy diamond are cool for example.
  • The Portal 1 and Portal 2 Soundtracks - Most of those are pretty not-distracting, although naturally there are phases in the game when the soundtrack tries to support some more action
  • - Internet radio with stations of differing degree of electronicness and distractionlessness
  • - HTML5-browser playlist-based radio with stations sorted by the mood/activity of the music (mostly chilly)

Some general notes:

  • Its not easy to categorize music like this on the fly, so don't rely on those captions too hard
  • I found (included in the gtk2 based music player banshee - which is very cool btw.), which is an index of music and video podcasts (also the source of the podcasts I presented here), definitely worth a look if you are looking for some special kind of music
  • All radios where I didn't say anything else are real streams and thus can be played with mplayer/vlc/almost any music player

Some status updates


Oh and btw. I already played around a little with scala (and read a good part of the book) - The impression so far: Its a really cool language, however seems the amount of work you save by not having to worry about threading and locks (when coding the immutable style) is just about as much as the amount of work you need to invest when designing your stuff in an immutable style. However that was one single (simulation-) application I coded, so don't put too much weight in these early impressions yet, more to come.


I hope to squeeze in a little more work on grail into my spare time in the future, however the job always has precedence. As always, if you care to contribute, you are more than welcome.

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