First steps

Posted: Tuesday, 2010-02-02 22:13 | Tags: Grail, Programming

Luabind is so cool. Wrapping really is the easy part now, so I finally focus on implementing stuff again. The main character already can walk around on the screen, now I'm concentrating on a user interface and then on interactions with other scene actors.

Thats sounds like the biggest part but keep in mind, theres still a lot to do:

  • User interface already is a big topic (buttons, inventory display, etc...)
  • Loading/Saving (will hopefully be easy due to boosts serialization lib)
  • Scene/walkpath stuff (the "algorithmic" corner yay)
  • Loading scenes directly from atlantis files
  • Dialogs (talking)
  • Sound/Music/Voice output
  • From time to time try to get the stuff to compile & run under windows ;)
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