Gas gas gas

Posted: Friday, 2009-12-04 19:59 | Tags: Grail, Giga

I have been a little lazy regarding Grail in the past week (8 days without a commit! Thats near a desaster!). Ill accelerate development as good as I can in the next time, promised.

To give you an update, currently a friend of mine which I'll only call "BAM" here is working on compiling grail under windows with CMake and MingW. I wish I had more such tasks that one can delegate a little but except for the build system currently I don't think there is much to do than port the ole Indiana code. I think that'll change once all classes are basically ported so there is a structure with only holes that need to be filled.

By the way we already have an animated sprite that walks around depending on where you click, so there is at least something already ;)

Stay tuned!

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