What kind of GUI-Editor for grail?

Posted: Friday, 2009-11-27 14:13 | Tags: Grail, Atlantis, Python, Programming

I'm currently thinking about how the future GUI for grail will look. Basically there are 2 approaches that I would say are worth considering at the moment:

  • Step-by-step fix Atlantis to become the new grail editor. The first step would be to have it generate lua code instead of D code, in the future it would be extended with a lua editor component etc...
  • As grail is basically starting from scratch this would be the perfect opportunity to include some editor capabilities directly into grail.
    • (-) There would never be a code-editing component, I would keep the additional GUI elements to a bare minimum. I guess the control would be over a one-line shell-like command line at the bottom where you enter commands like "create polygon" or something. No checkboxes, no dialogs.
    • (+) Having the editor directly combined with the engine allows some interesting things like running parts of the game while working on it. Although I must confess this point is very weak: Due to the lua scripting engine one could realise similar behaviour by sending lua commands to the runtime via a network socket or similar approaches.
    • (+) Another good thing would be: Having a command line and the capabilities for displaying polygons etc... inside the engine allows for advanced debugging utilities, that could be really cool.
    • (-) Probably this approach would mean more work :(

Comments welcome!

Saturday, 2009-11-28 12:59 by Henning
Good point. Especially since one need of the current main user (Giga Mansion developers) is to have a running system again soon (which makes that con valid again ;))

I really find it a cool idea to build that stuff into the engine but if I'm honest to myself its probably not the most clever thing to do.
Saturday, 2009-11-28 07:43 by Marc
Assuming that the list of pros and cons is complete, you just have to eliminate the cons to know the answer to your question. If the second approach is the best choice, then more work is the price to pay, imho it's not a valid con :). One con remaining: The main thing is that the editor fits the needs of the users or rather the project, do you think that would be the case?