What kind of GUI-Editor for grail?

Posted: Friday, 2009-11-27 14:13 | Tags: Grail, Atlantis, Python, Programming

I'm currently thinking about how the future GUI for grail will look. Basically there are 2 approaches that I would say are worth considering at the moment:

  • Step-by-step fix Atlantis to become the new grail editor. The first step would be to have it generate lua code instead of D code, in the future it would be extended with a lua editor component etc...
  • As grail is basically starting from scratch this would be the perfect opportunity to include some editor capabilities directly into grail.
    • (-) There would never be a code-editing component, I would keep the additional GUI elements to a bare minimum. I guess the control would be over a one-line shell-like command line at the bottom where you enter commands like "create polygon" or something. No checkboxes, no dialogs.
    • (+) Having the editor directly combined with the engine allows some interesting things like running parts of the game while working on it. Although I must confess this point is very weak: Due to the lua scripting engine one could realise similar behaviour by sending lua commands to the runtime via a network socket or similar approaches.
    • (+) Another good thing would be: Having a command line and the capabilities for displaying polygons etc... inside the engine allows for advanced debugging utilities, that could be really cool.
    • (-) Probably this approach would mean more work :(

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