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Posted: Sunday, 2020-02-02 17:41 | Tags: Programming, Python, MachineLearning

Some more links in particular about ML & Python topics

Source: rosiejuliet

CourseDuck has a really nice overview of free Machine Learning tutorials with ratings & pros/cons; spanning YouTube, Coursera and so forth. Definetely worth checking out!

Codi looks like the "iPython Notebook in VIM" I always wanted, did not yet take the time to install it but its number one of my list of things to try.

Altair is yet another Python data visualazition lib (think Matplot and the like). What positively sets it apart though is that it has a really nice declarative language which is particularly interesting for more explorative work.

Broot gives you an overview of a directory tree in your shell, offering search (similar to fzf & thelike), cd'ing, moving files around, and seeing what takes space. Some overlap/competation to ranger it seems?

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