Good bye NIH, hello luabind & boost!

Posted: Monday, 2010-01-18 15:45 | Tags: Programming, Grail

I have to confess something. To you all.

I am ill. What I have is called the NIH syndrome. For those of you who never heard of it: It means preferring to code stuff yourself instead of learning how to use a library somebody else wrote. So its all about reinventing the wheel. [1]

For example I was inventing a DSL for describing c++/lua bindings together with a handcrafted (and ugly) parser which generated c++ code from that DSL etc... although I knew there was luabind.

Now that I tried it, let me say: luabind rocks. Don't dare to invent something yourself until you tried that one.

Same goes for boost::shared_ptr. It is fun to invent a reference counting mechanism, but seriously: Use shared_ptr, its really cool, luabind supports it already and it simply makes your life so much easier.

I also plan to use/learn more parts of boost such as the serialization library which seems to be even more flexible than the serialization stuff in D I wrote and was kinda proud of.

Stay tuned for more.


Note that this can be a good idea actually. Say you decide to use $big_library and it works quite well. You save valuable time in your early project phases by not having to write all that stuff yourself.

But then, as you project evolves you have more special needs and demands to that library. Depending on how its designed and what it is about you might have to actually patch the library which suddenly requires a huge amount of time, because you have to learn the internals of $big_library for just one little change.

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