Posted: Saturday, 2009-11-21 14:24 | Tags: Site

I dunno why but I hate the word "relaunch". Maybe it's because it makes more fuss about the thing than its worth it.

Nevertheless, you might have already noticed some of the changes. To sum up:

  • Everything on the page except for the comment function is now static html, ie I post with creating text files in my git repository and running a html generation script, which I think is very cool/geeky.
  • I tried a new style, hope this one looks a little more serious/professional/friendly.
  • I cleaned up a bit, since I'm now moving towards "Grail" instead of "Indiana" (see previous post). So things like the indiana screenshots etc... are missing now partly because of lazyness and partly for a reason: I want to avoid yielding more confusion about Grail vs. Indiana then necessary. Some blog posts are missing too because I was to lazy to convert them, if you really miss something lemme know, but I think the most important ones should be there.

So that's it for now, stay tuned!

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