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Posted: Saturday, 2010-07-03 17:24 | Tags: VIM, Site, Giga

Hey guys. I'm glad to announce that I finished my diploma thesis a few weeks ago and am now working at the TU Braunschweig as PhD student.

As I'm not sure yet how the regulations regarding publication are, I will not publish my thesis here yet (probably its not of much interest to any usual leetless reader anyways).

There are also some changes in the VIM Section: I removed lots of the older themes in order to focus on the real good ones. Also I'm proud to present a new theme, called PhD, hopefully its useful to someone.

Another thing, which I neglected to post for months now is that the Giga Mansion 2 adventure game project is dead. They used the Indiana engine (the predecessor of Grail) which I developed in parallel to the game. At first I wanted to wait until they announce the end of the project themselves which seemingly never happened. Nevertheless it had been fun working with these guys and really pushed the adventure game engine stuff forwards a lot.

And while I'm at it: Because of the diploma thesis there was some pause, but I managed to include OpenGL into Grail, which makes it run about 10 times faster (at least on my machine). Check out the OpenGL Branch if you want to try it. If during compiling there is no OpenGL found, the engine will be compiled with plain old SDL, so this can not come to anyones disadvantage.

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