VIM Themes & (old) config

Posted: Saturday, 2015-10-17 13:53 | Tags: VIM, Environment

Since my VIM config on this page was a little outdated, I decided to move VIM-related stuff into the blog so I can update more easily.

This post just captures the old state of the formerly static vim page, stay tuned for more.

The screenshots are taken using the Terminus font. See also my Article about tiny fonts.

The vertical bar you see is a helping highlight that is offered by recent vim versions (try :cursorcolumn to toggle it).

If you are curious what some other things are (like the indetation markers) and how they work, take a look at my .vimrc. Note that the encoding is broken with that file so the "set lcs" part is probably not copy-pasteable, follow the instructions in the comments above that line in order to find out how you can make your own unicode-lcs.


VIM script 2510.


VIM script 1677.

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