Building a pinball machine from scratch

Posted: Tuesday, 2015-03-24 19:58 | Tags: Pinball

First a quick update: Yes I'm (kinda) still using this site to blog, obviously, my beloved adventure game engine hasn't gotten much of the love it deserves in the past time, though. The reason for this is twofold: First, I finally made my PhD (yes, you may call me doctor now) the other one is, some time ago I started a new project: My very own pinball machine.


Path Finding in Grail (2 Comments)

Posted: Sunday, 2012-07-15 00:22 | Tags: Grail, Programming, Pathfinding

A topic thats using up my (rare) Grail-time lately is the topic of how to define where an actor is allowed to walk and how it will find its way there. I found this question quite fun to work on, as it poses an interesting mix of theoretical (geometry) and practical (coding) considerations.

So what is the problem exactly? The answer is: A combination of things:

  • Restrict the actors movement to a certain area that will be defined by the game programmer, I call this the walkable area.
  • Come up with a mechanism that allows the actor to walk from one point in the walkable area to another one. Thereby the actor should stay in the walkable area at all times, so a path inside the area has to be found.
  • When the user requests to walk to a point outside the walkable area, the actor should instead walk to some near point inside the walkable area, whereas near is not exactly defined.

In my previous post I stated a little what I would want/need of a nice backup/synchronization strategy. Now lets structure these into more precisely defined features and see which programs out there cover them. As a disclaimer upfront: Of course I only know a certain subset of backup software. If you have a noteworthy candidate in mind that I didn't mention, please don't hesitate to comment.


Coming up with a Backup/Synchronization Strategy: Problem Statement (1 Comments)

Posted: Monday, 2012-04-16 17:18 | Tags: Environment, Backups

For years now I'm constantly changing my backup plans, always a little unsatisfied with the current solution. So let me try to write down what I actually want first and then see what options are there. I know there are plenty of tools to deal with those (I know e.g. unison, git for config files, bup, etc..), the thing is: Without a little planning the best tool won't help anything.


Quick Update

Posted: Tuesday, 2012-02-14 11:20 | Tags: Site, Programming

Hey guys, as I should be working at this time of the day, I'll keep this update very brief.

  • At beginning of the month I was at the FOSDEM 2012 which was quite interesting. Beyond others I heard a talk about Data-Driven and Component-Based Game-Entities which was quite interesting
  • As you might have noticed, there is some activity recently on github. Thanks to feedelli who started working on the dialog system, we now have a plan for 0.1
  • There where some problems for I don't know how long with commenting on articles, it should work again now, if not please drop me a mail.