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Kakoune offers already various integrations for external tools such as git, ranger and various others. Recently there was also some nice integration of fzf made public (although afaik not (yet) included in the kakoune distribution).

I took all this, put it in my config, modified it to my needs and extended it a little.

These days there are some damn cool things out there to build up your Unixoid (development) environment. This is a medium-sized elaboration on the stuff I like.

Spoilers: Including an editor that can be considered better than VIM in some regards and the single most awesome shell there is (no, not ZSH). I structured it a bit though so you can skip through the parts that are boring to you :-).


New VIM config

Posted: Saturday, 2015-10-17 14:21 | Tags: VIM, Environment

Albeit still somewhat chaotic (and full with paths specific to my local setup), I believe my current .vimrc might be of use to some.

It features several plugins and features by now which I use every day:

  • NERDTree & CtrlP for easy and quick access to files
  • Some useful git-related plugins
  • A combination of ctags, cscope and clong for C++ symbol lookup and autocompletion
  • Muted mouse operations and arrow keys (makes it much easier to learn the more efficient muvement operations!)
  • What I consider a pretty sexy look. The theme btw. is a slight modification of "base16-default".

My current .vimrc.

VIM Themes & (old) config

Posted: Saturday, 2015-10-17 13:53 | Tags: VIM, Environment

Since my VIM config on this page was a little outdated, I decided to move VIM-related stuff into the blog so I can update more easily.

This post just captures the old state of the formerly static vim page, stay tuned for more.


In my previous post I stated a little what I would want/need of a nice backup/synchronization strategy. Now lets structure these into more precisely defined features and see which programs out there cover them. As a disclaimer upfront: Of course I only know a certain subset of backup software. If you have a noteworthy candidate in mind that I didn't mention, please don't hesitate to comment.


For years now I'm constantly changing my backup plans, always a little unsatisfied with the current solution. So let me try to write down what I actually want first and then see what options are there. I know there are plenty of tools to deal with those (I know e.g. unison, git for config files, bup, etc..), the thing is: Without a little planning the best tool won't help anything.


Tiny Fonts

Posted: Sunday, 2011-08-21 21:25 | Tags: VIM, Environment, Fonts

Most recently, I fell for the idea of having a real tiny font for my working environment. Some observations immediately popping up were:

  • Almost unecessary to mention that only monospaced fonts are candidates.
  • Pixel-oriented / Bitmapped fonts have the advantage of using space more efficently while still being easy to read (because there is no need for antialiasing so things don't get "blurry").
  • Especially with such small fonts it is important to be able to easily distinguish letters, eg. lowercase "L" vs. capital "I" vs. the number "1".
  • I want the same font in my URxvt terminal emulator as in GVim. That is noteworthy as I experienced some fonts didn't seem to work equally well in both these environments (especially considering the following point).
  • I need normal and bold font weight in GVim as well as in URxvt, and of course it should still be readable and not look "blurry".