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Tiny Fonts

Posted: Sunday, 2011-08-21 21:25 | Tags: VIM, Environment, Fonts

Most recently, I fell for the idea of having a real tiny font for my working environment. Some observations immediately popping up were:

  • Almost unecessary to mention that only monospaced fonts are candidates.
  • Pixel-oriented / Bitmapped fonts have the advantage of using space more efficently while still being easy to read (because there is no need for antialiasing so things don't get "blurry").
  • Especially with such small fonts it is important to be able to easily distinguish letters, eg. lowercase "L" vs. capital "I" vs. the number "1".
  • I want the same font in my URxvt terminal emulator as in GVim. That is noteworthy as I experienced some fonts didn't seem to work equally well in both these environments (especially considering the following point).
  • I need normal and bold font weight in GVim as well as in URxvt, and of course it should still be readable and not look "blurry".