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Magic: The Data Gathering

Posted: Sunday, 2017-04-30 16:00 | Tags: MachineLearning, Programming, MTG

Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game I happen to like. It also so happens that there is a database of cards available online. Additionally I (like many programmers) kind-of got into Machine Learning recently. Lets see if we can combine these ingredients to come up with something interesting, shall we? Have you ever wondered whether cards got "cheaper" (in terms of Mana) in the past years or how much more a creature costs because it can fly? How much cheaper is a creature that has Defender? I'll be toying around with some card data and do some basic data analysis for practice, education and fun. There shall be some (somewhat hacky) Python code using Pandas, SciKit-Learn and Matplotlib in the end that you can use to reproduce (or extend) what I did (you'll have to wait for the second part for that though).

In this first part we will do some general analysis of the data and see what we can learn about the game with a simple Principal Component Analysis.

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