Some More Pinball Pictures

The display module started out as a pretty messy wire contraption with individual transistors. Boy, fixing short circuits with these things was no fun I tell you.

At some point then I discovered TLC5940, groked the basics of KiCad, spent a bit of money and out came my first real PCB:

Actually a bit proud of this one 🙂

Oh and did I mention the empire found a spray can and now the death star is pure awesomeness?

Also a WS2812 now provides really awesome lighting to the whole thing. Best about it is that each LED’s RGB is controllable individually, all through the same 1-wire bus! An AVR Mega2560 cares for the animation, receiving commands from the Raspi via SPI like all other boards:

Also you surely noticed little darthy in the back there 😉 There is a bit more but alas I’m a bit short on photos, next time I’ll take some more, promised!

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